Update: More images belonging to Veronica Garcia.

Since CubaCounterpoints.com published my essay, “A Dangerous Choreography,” several people have asked me for more on Veronica Garcia.

Veronica Garcia at Club "Lucky Seventh." Circa 1962.
Veronica Garcia at Club “Lucky Seventh.” Circa 1962.

I look forward to digging up my handwritten notes from my meeting with Veronica in order to see if there’s something more to include. I’m fairly certain that I’m not going to get a better perspective than what I have reported. However, it is not hard for other researchers to find her in Havana. She’s in ETESCA’s phonebook and has been for quite some time. I think she would like to hear from more people.

What more I can reveal is what that she expressly wanted to share with others. Here is a selection of further photographs that she highlighted in our exchange:

Playa Girón, 1992.

Playa Girón, 1992.
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Her photo collection is compelling in a number of ways. I’d note that throughout there are a number of ways in which African diasporic identities are referenced. Also, the images show that she very much did travel all around Cuba and in Europe performing. Perhaps most importantly, Veronica Garcia was a star of the show.

Images reproduced here with permission from Veronica Garcia.