More on Textiles… and Dance…

I continue to put things on this blog that did not make it into my book, and, I suspect, won’t make it into my other projects. These are images and art objects, however, that I’ve thought a lot about.  In particular, there is a lot more to say on the significance of textiles in the Black Atlantic.

Textiles for a batá celebration, collection of Joselito Quintero.

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Photograph by KJ, Dec 2004.

The first few images here are textiles hanging up in a room for a batá celebration. There’s one shirt, for a male priest, or santero, of Ochún. The gold stars on white are lovely in complement with a gold trim. Nearby are paños of different colors representative of an array of oricha that might appear at a drum celebration. As a santero is possessed by a divinity, either a paño will be placed around their shoulders or even tied, somehow, around their torso. That way the audience knows through visual cues what oricha is present, and even, possibly, offering advice.

I did not take photographs during the actual drum celebration. However, there are plenty of public events with textiles for the oricha shown in action, and a small selection of my images are included here.

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