Regla María Apezteguía, religious artist in Havana, Cuba

Near to the Callejón de Hamel, in Central Havana, Regla María Apezteguía has had a very steady business since the 1980s. She paints objects for Afro-Cuban religious practices, and she also conserves and repairs older objects. Below is a gallery of her paños (squares) painted on satin for different oricha.

Ifá divination table cover, by RMA 2003

Ifá divination table cover, by RMA 2003
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As I researched my first book, I visited Regla a lot. I still visit her when I am in Havana, and she is a good friend. Because I was writing about one specific religious family and its history, however, her work did not exactly fit into that book. I say not exactly, because I did commission a number of celebratory paños from Regalia and presented these as presents for a few santeros that had been very supportive of the project.

I will feature some other galleries of Regla’s work here in this blog in the weeks ahead.

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