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Update: List of Cuba Counterpoints contributions by Kris Juncker

cuttingbananasAbove: “Cutting bananas,” Lithograph printed by the Diamond News Co. of Havana, c. 1899-1907.

As noted in a prior post on this website, since April 2015, I have been a contributing editor to the online scholarly publication Below are links to my essays published there so far. I’d like to thank the amazing Ariana Hernandez Reguant, our Executive Editor. Also, my co-editor on SOUVENIRS, María Antonia Cabrera Arús, has been fabulous to collaborate with.

Online essays by Kris Juncker at Cuba Counterpoints:

     “Columbus and His Day.” October 12, 2015.

     “Portraits They Own.” September 30, 2015.

     “Cabaret or Erotica and the Various States of Undress.” August 3, 2015.

     “The Naughty Days of Prohibition.”September 4, 2015.

     “A Shipwreck for U.S.-Cuba Relations.” July 19, 2015.

     “Smoking in the 1930s and the World of Collecting.” May 15, 2015.