Monthly Archives: May 2015

Update: Cuba Counterpoints – online public scholarship on Cuba and its diaspora

María Antonia Cabrera Arús and I are editing a feature, ‘SOUVENIRS,’ for the new online journal Cuba Counterpoints

In large part, I suspect that many of the materials that I had been planning for this website will now be part of this much larger forum. I will continue to provide updates here from time to time, however.

I am especially happy to have this opportunity to collaborate with María because of the interests that we share in common. Please check out her blog: María is a trained sociologist. I come from a background of predominantly art history with a fair amount of training in anthropology. The entries will be short, but I imagine that, over time, this growing collection of essays will render even larger conversations about material culture and interdisciplinary approaches.

I invite fellow scholars to submit images of Cuban or Cuban diasporic objects and short essays (no more than 1000 words) to ‘SOUVENIRS.’

Posts may be found here: